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Find a path that is personal, meaningful, and sustainable to you.

I am a Health and Wellness Coach specializing in optimizing cognitive health. With a family history of Alzheimer’s and/or dementia, and who is dealing with parents in this condition, I am sympathetic to how stressful and disconcerting this can be, and I know it does not have to be my future. I am determined to protect and optimize my own cognitive and physical health and I want to help you do the same so you can live a life you love.

My purpose is to guide you to a personalized approach to sustainable health and wellness. In this journey, I also recognize the pivotal role of functional medicine in achieving comprehensive wellness, guiding clients to explore deeper health insights and integrative solutions. 


I work with you to find a 'real'istic approach that 'fit's your 'lifestyle'.​ For me, there is no greater feeling than to watch people embrace their power and live healthier, happier lives by becoming the very best version of themselves. If you are looking to step into your best self, message me here and we’ll work together to make it happen. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be meaningful and sustainable to you.

I envision my role as a health coach as a guide, as a mindset “re-framer”.

Listen with intent, ask high-mileage questions, and meet the client where they are on their journey. I strive to cultivate and nourish relationships, explore and set goals, and discuss desired outcomes. By utilizing these tools, my clients are able to find a path that is personal, meaningful, and sustainable for them. I envision my role as a health coach as a guide, resource, and mindset “re-framer”.

I like to remind all of my clients, and to help them understand, they are not their diagnosis, their past, or even their genetics. I see myself sort of as a driver’s education teacher. My role is to keep you on the road to optimal health regardless of the route you choose to take.
I am humble, passionate, vulnerable, and authentic. I deeply care about health and longevity and helping people realize and uncover their power and potential. What we think holds us back may be the key to unlocking our success. I want to be remembered for my dedication and compassion in helping others live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

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