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The Power of “Yet”!

Three letters. One small word. One SIGNIFICANT impact

In essence, the word “yet” means a realization that some things are worth waiting for, and

those things take time and work. It is not always easy, but the power of this small word allows

for success.

Have you ever considered how one tiny word can impact your thought patterns and change

your whole outlook? I had not either, until I was introduced to the concept of adding “yet” to

the end of a limiting thought. For example, I cannot do 50 push-ups, yet. Or, I have not been

able to cut processed foods out of my diet, yet. Taking the word “yet” out of each of those

sentences creates a fixed mindset, i.e., you are stuck with what you have, and it cannot be

changed. By adding the word “yet”, potential success is created, and a new outlook is provided creating a growth mindset.

I was initially introduced to the “Power of Yet” by my fitness trainer several years ago. To this

day I can recall the very instance. He had written out a workout for me, and after reviewing it

with him, I said “I can’t do that.” I immediately found myself doing five burpees. I failed to add the word “yet” a few more times during that session and eventually found myself doing 15 burpee penalties. I did not realize it at the time, but without telling me he was changing my fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

This little word encourages you to continue along your learning journey, as you have not yet

reached the final destination. How do people with a growth mindset view and respond to

challenges? They see challenges as opportunities to learn and push their abilities. Those with a growth mindset consider themselves “works in progress.” They have the confidence to admit there are skills they are not good at yet. Plus, they are open to embracing challenges they have not yet faced before.

Oftentimes, the first step in your journey to regaining your health and wellness is not with food and movement.

It begins with your mindset and understanding that your past is not your present or your future...and you just haven’t found your sustainable journey, YET!

Our health and wellness are not a “set in stone” methodology. What works for your friend/colleague will not necessarily work for you, too. You are your own person with your own special DNA and genetics. Stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Our health journey is about learning and development. A skill that is highly valued in a growth mindset environment. The concept of weaknesses takes on new meaning. As explained by social psychologists “weaknesses are defined as strengths you haven’t developed yet.” This phraseology acknowledges where you currently are while providing assurance and encouragement for continued personal growth.

I use the word “yet” to keep my coaching clients engaged in a task, especially one that I am

more enthusiastic about than they are. For example, with my coaching clients, I’ve learned to

ask as we near a deadline: “How are you doing with your food journal? Are you ready to review it, yet?" The insertion of “yet” shows that I am expecting them to talk with me about the journal entries; however, I recognize that they may need more time. As I’ve experimented with this technique, I’ve discovered that it puts individuals at ease and encourages them to

acknowledge their true feelings. Getting my clients to be authentic and vulnerable with me can be the key to their success as they are able to let go of fear and learn that failure is just

feedback. They learn to see failure as uncomfortable but useful and important.

If you want to foster a growth mindset, you must believe you can improve and change

Negative thoughts lead to negative results. Not having the answer right now should never be a dead-end. When success isn’t immediate, we need to persevere through adversity and push ahead when the odds are against us. You haven’t failed in a task – you just haven’t

succeeded...YET. Don’t give up when you don’t know the answer – you just haven’t found the


That problem with your health and wellness, i.e., weight loss or a certain level of fitness you’ve been struggling with? Imagine the possibilities if every time you tell yourself you are not goo at something another part of your brain whispers to you “YET!” This encourages problem solving, innovative thinking, and continuous learning. You just don’t know how to solve the problem YET. This small, but important distinction is the difference between frustration and patience and ultimately success.

I think we all need to realize we have not failed nor are failing. We should recognize we are all under “development” and still building the best versions of ourselves. If we continue down this path, we will eventually land on success. This goes for the kids who are still having trouble with reading or math, as well as adults looking to breakthrough their negative self-talk patterns. I love a good challenge and am always excited about learning. I am definitely a work in progress. There is still so much I don’t know...yet! Who wants to come with me on this journey of “YET”?


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